About this blog:

“What we’re sinking about” was a column that ran for one year in the bi-monthly German American Trade magazine. The columns were supplemented by additional posts that ran on this blog, which examined our experiences as Americans doing business with “ze Germans.” Instead of just pointing out differences, we hoped to help explain how to navigate through them in order to benefit your business. That, and it’s always good not to wind up with your foot in your  mouth at the end of a meeting.

About the authors:

Morgan Moretz

Morgan, originally from Augusta, Georgia, earned a Communications degree from Boston University in December 2009. After completing her final semester in Dresden, she stayed to work with her university’s study abroad program until July 2010. As a recently-graduated employee, her primary responsibility was to make sure a large group of non-German-speaking students survived their time abroad. After finishing that task, she briefly worked in Atlanta then moved back up to Boston, Massachusetts. On her first day of the new job in Boston, she was sent to Cologne, Germany for a trade show.

Pamela Jackson

Pamela earned a Communications degree in May 2009, but from the University of Miami in Florida. Before that she was in Hawaii for high school and considers the islands as home, but moved around quite a bit as a kid. Her mother’s family is German but has been in the states since the start of the 20th century, and her mother’s husband is from northern Germany. After working for a German organization in Atlanta for two and a half years, she jumped over to a health marketing position in the same city.

As a team, Morgan and Pamela (pictured above) were definitely the token Americans amongst their peers. They laugh a lot. They joke around. But they really know their stuff and they hope their observations help you.

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  1. I just wanted to let you two noodle-burgers how awesome I think this blog is.

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